Beginner’s Guide To Doing Eyeshadow For Hazel Eyes


Hazel eyes can be accentuated by a dynamic play of colors in eyeshadows you can apply. For beginners, it is essential that you know how to define your eyes with the colors that you will use. You need to be careful, though, because you wouldn’t want your eyeshadow to become more noticeable than your actual eye colors. Remember that the purpose of putting eyeshadows is to accentuate the different qualities of your eyes, not hide them. Too much eye make up can become too overpowering and may cover the colors of your eyes instead of highlighting it.


The first thing to know in choosing the right eyeshadow for hazel eyes is to know which color will enhance the dominant and subtle tones of the eyes. As beginners, there are a lot of drugstore products available that can help you get started with your makeup collection. You might want to purchase palettes with neutral colors first so that you can be safe. In practicing eyeshadow application, remember that you would essentially need at least three to four eyeshadow shades to complete a whole look.


The lightest shades are for highliting your brow bone. The second lighter shade, which is usually matte, can be used in the inner corner of your eye to achieve a brighter feel. This can help open up your eyes to make it look fresher. The midtone shade is best for base colors and lid colors. Usually in the middle of the lid, it serves as the blending base for all the components of the make up look. The darkest color is usually put in the crease of your eye to create depth and drama. Just start putting it in the outer corner of your eye and work your way inside the crease until you reach the middle part of the eye. It will create a shadow-like appearance in your eye. With a little mascara and eyeliner, you are good to go.


eyeshadow for hazel eyesWhen you are getting better with neutral colors, you can now start practicing with more defined, playful colors. But take it slow. Blending with brighter colors can be tricky, especially if you are not yet skilled at it. You can gradually start by putting on the safest bright colors for hazel eyes. Pink and beige are good for a lighter, more casual do. You can use these two together to blend a girl-next-door kind of feel for an overall look.


If you are looking for a darker, more night-appropriate color, purple, lavender, and the like are perfect to start with. They give a very attractive contrast to your eyes and can make your hazel eyes colors pop even more. You can blend this with some black crease colors, or any other shade you feel will go well with it. Again, practice blending these basic brighter shades in your eyes first. From there, you can try practicing with newer colors so that you can have an idea about which ones would best fit your style.


Doing eyeshadow for hazel eyes can be very tricky but very fun and exciting at the same time. The wide variety of colors present in people with hazel eyes can accommodate a good range of color combinations for eyeshadow looks as well. Just see what best fits for you and work around it to achieve your desired overall makeup look.